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Pratik Pancholi dared to take the first step. A few years ago, he left his home country India to study in Australia. Today, he is reaping the rewards of his Charles Sturt University Study Centres experience. The Master of Information Technology graduate is convinced it has prepared him for many, if not all, aspects of his future. “If you don’t go out, you will never learn something new,” he shares.

Charles Sturt University Study Centres offer industry-focused courses. Located in the heart of Australia’s most exciting cities —  Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney — this is an institution with a reputation for preparing international students for their future. Armed with the knowledge, skills and experience gained here, graduates are ready to pursue rewarding professional careers in accounting, business or information technology.

Through his degree, Pancholi acquired a deep understanding across emerging fields such as business analysis, computer networking, network security, IT management, software design and development, and systems analysis.

Pratik Pancholi believes his Master of Information Technology has prepared him for many, if not all, aspects of his future. Source: Charles Sturt University Study Centres

More importantly, he gained crucial soft skills in-demand by employers in Australia and around the world today. As a Peer Assisted Study Sessions (PASS) leader, he helped students understand complex topics in a fun and simpler manner. In these weekly sessions, students review concepts, discuss readings, and prepare for assessments and examinations.

He credits this programme for honing his self-expression. “Because of PASS, I don’t have any fear for my future,” he explains. “If any difficulties arise, I can face them because I have no fear of public speaking and assuming leadership positions.”

He gained corporate exposure by being a Student Representative Committee member and an Orientation Support Officer as well, working in and for the Study Centres. “I am proud to be a PASS leader as it made me into a better person. That shaped me to be the man I am today,” he enthuses. Today, he is a network engineer with nbn™ Australia, the company building Australia’s broadband network.

Charles Sturt University Study Centres

Student volunteers have the opportunity to represent the Study Centres and gain experiences beyond the classroom. Source: Charles Sturt University Study Centres

Master of Commerce student Xiaoyi Yang (Candy) had a similarly fulfilling experience. From classes to the student ambassador programme, she gained more than just friends, but a foundation to forge a new life anywhere in the world. “I am able to share my experiences to help other international students. My strategy is to connect with people as I believe this will be an important skill when starting my career,” she explains.

Relocate and work abroad successfully with Charles Sturt University Study Centres

Many Charles Sturt University Study Centres graduates move on to rewarding careers. Charles Sturt University’s graduate employment rate is 87.5% according to the QILT Graduate Outcomes Survey 2019. This is 14% higher than the national average. With an average starting salary of 67,100 Australian dollars, compared to the national average of AU$62,600, they are also higher earners.

This is due in part to a dedicated career support department that complements the hands-on, practical courses that students gain here. Students can take part in a variety of development programmes designed to help build key career skills and prepare for the world of work.

Each semester, Careers Development Manager Chantal Abdurachman runs a regular session or series of workshops. These cover areas such as resume writing, interview skills as well as the job search process. “My role is to help students with their communication, in the way they market themselves in the labour market,” she explains.

Charles Sturt University Study Centres

The 12-week internship after graduation adds practical workplace experience to CV’s. Source: Charles Sturt University Study Centres

Many graduates underestimate the importance of professional development. Abdurachman ensures her students do not fall into this trap. “A lot of students don’t understand the importance of networking or volunteering. It’s more than just applying for jobs on sites like SEEK, for example,” she shares. “It’s all about connecting with professional associations, going to communication clubs, having a powerful LinkedIn profile, but also really honing in on their employability and professional skills to be job-ready.”

Her main role is to help students understand the importance of gaining practical experience. Study Centres graduates can join a 12-week post-study internship programme, provided by Study Group Australia Pty Limited. It is open exclusively to students who have completed their studies. With this local experience in Australia, students can network, connect with industry, optimise their career success and find employment.

Abdurachman’s team helps each student find the right internship. This is done via an in-depth interview to work out their career aspirations and objectives based on their chosen industry, skill set, relevant experience and academic performance.

“My role here is to help students in their career development, career coaching, being the best versions of themselves, not just personally but professionally,” Abdurachman explains. “My aim and goal is to help students really understand the importance of the transition phase from being a student to being a professional.”

Your future is waiting at Charles Sturt University Study Centres. Take your first step now — learn more here.

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