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Understanding NetDevOps: Expert Advice | eWEEK



I spoke with three leading experts about NetDevOps, discussing its history, best practices and common challenges; we also peered into the technology’s future.

The panelists:

Meredith Rose, Senior Consulting System Engineer, World Wide Technology

Joel W. King, NetDevOps Software Development Strategy Lead, World Wide Technology

Tim Hull, Solutions Architect, World Wide Technology

The topics we covered:

1. Let’s set some groundworks for NetDevOps. What is it, and why do companies need it? Is it widely adopted? Or still on its way to mainstream?

2. The three of you come from very different backgrounds to be in your current position. I think it will help people understand the market to talk about your various backgrounds, briefly.

3. What advice would you give to companies to optimize their use of NetDevOps?

4. If you’re looking ahead several years in the future of NetDevOps, what major trends do you predict? And how can companies prepare for them now?

Listen to the podcast:

Watch the video:

Three leading experts provide a deep dive into NetDevOps, including its history, best practices, and common challenges, along with a look to the technology’s future.

James Maguire is eWeek’s Editor-in-Chief and has been reporting on emerging technology for more than 15 years. He has won two ASBPE Awards of Excellence for in-depth feature articles about cloud computing and artificial intelligence. He has covered the gamut of enterprise and consumer technology, and regularly communicates with leading IT newsmakers, vendors and analysts.

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