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UMass Lowell remains closed Thursday due to “potential cybersecurity incident” – CBS Boston


LOWELL (CBS) – UMass Lowell will be closed on Thursday as the university that influenced technology services on Tuesday called it a “potential cybersecurity incident.”

As a result, Thursday will be the third day that all face-to-face and remote classes will be cancelled. However, the university said it could resume some businesses.

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A UMass Lowell spokesman said no time frame has been set for a full restoration of service. However, the school focuses on and operates the network that affects the class.

UML Alert: IT outage is in progress. #UMassLowell It was closed on Wednesday, June 16, 2021, including the Hevalil Campus. All face-to-face and online classes and operations will be cancelled. An essential person to report as instructed. FMI: #UML

— UMass Lowell (@UMassLowell) June 16, 2021

Information Technology is investigating cybersecurity incidents that may affect university technology services. UMass Lowell continues to maintain control of its IT infrastructure and works with leading cyber forensic companies to identify, evaluate, and eliminate discovered issues. With great care, all network communications were interrupted by the university to and from the campus network while the scope of the incident was being evaluated.

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I couldn’t access the UMass Lowell website on Tuesday afternoon.School Temporary website.

“I didn’t receive this email because the WiFi was down, so I appeared in class. I didn’t even realize it was canceled,” said student Sara Mendes.

“The ability of an organization to quickly contain it so that it has some control over its IT infrastructure is always a good indicator,” said cyber defense expert Peter Tran.

Tran said the first 24-48 hours of potential cybersecurity incidents are important for identifying, quarantining, and containing threats.

IT outages at UMass Lowell Steamship Bureau I was able to restore the website after the ransomware attack.

“This is not surprising as long as cybersecurity attacks are seen globally as well as locally,” Tran said.

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An independent company investigates whether the incident is a real security breach.

UMass Lowell remains closed Thursday due to “potential cybersecurity incident” – CBS Boston

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