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Three Cybersecurity Protocols IT Managers Should Prioritize


Cyberattacks are on the rise and companies are spending more on IT security and risk management technologies, according to a report from Gartner. U.S. President Joe Biden has signed an executive order aimed at improving the nation’s cybersecurity and protecting federal government networks.

The order is in response to several recent devastating cyberattacks, including the Russian compromise of SolarWinds Orion, the Chinese hack of Microsoft Exchange Server and the ransomware attack that shut down the Colonial Pipeline.

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What are some protocols IT managers can prioritize among staff, so the company does not fall victim to an attack?

Password Management

Cybersecurity often starts with password management. Password management tools are often a good start, as most help generate strong password that are hacker-proof. Installing multi-factor authentication wherever your accounts support it is another way to make passwords less vulnerable.

Email Vigilance

Are your employees able to spot suspicious emails, attachments, or links? It is important to train employees for some “red flags,” such as emails from unknown senders, spelling mistakes, or uncommon file extensions like .rar. Sometimes it can take one click to cause problems. A Security Boulevard report indicates that “85% of all organizations have been hit by phishing attacks and 97% of users are unable to recognize a sophisticated phishing email.”

Hackers can also easily mimic domain names by changing the sender name, but cannot change the bit after the @[domain name]. Have your staff double check the domain before opening or clicking any attachments.

Installation of Anti-Malware Software

If your employee does click on a harmful link, having anti-malware software setup will help mitigate an attack. The malware software will swat away any viruses or worms that could potentially cause chaos or even a data breach.

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Continue to Refine Cybersecurity Protocols

As cybersecurity is on the rise, IT managers should train employees, consistently review policies and procedures to be safe now and in the future.

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