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The advantages of Cloud Computing for media industry



The advent of cloud computing is so tempting that every sector is getting leveraged by it and one of the industries that cannot stop itself from cloud adoption is the Entertainment & Media Industry.

Media and Entertainment companies, whether big or small from all over the world, are capitalizing on this advent of cloud and making changes to how they operate to provide fast, seamless, and digital content delivery to their customers.

In today’s age, the users have become so much accompanied to seamless and comfortable experience that they demand fast access to videos, movies, and related content right on their bed or couch so that they can watch the content while they are lying on their bed or sitting on their location, regardless of their location or device that they are using.

The users also have so many different platforms available to watch their favorite content from and these platforms are readily available across the internet and accessible on any device. The users always want an interconnected ecosystem that is available all the time and where they are not bothered about permission, formats, or protection so they can enjoy their favorite content without any hurdle.

These demands of the users are pushing more and more companies from the Entertainment & Media sector to embrace cloud computing, which is now in the Horoscope of the Media & Entertainment Industry. This has made the broadcasters successfully adopt cloud technology and manage all of the content, right from its creation, to storage, to post-production, to delivery on the cloud which lets them provide users what they are looking for.

Over-the-top content (OTT) & Cloud Computing

For broadcasters and Media & Entertainment companies, using the traditional broadcasting methods and delivering the content traditionally is just not possible, especially in this age of the digital world and present economic situation. For any Media & Entertainment company, adopting Over-the-top Content could be a game-changer where the digital content such as audio and video are delivered directly to the users over the internet without involvement from any system operator to manage and distribute the content among the viewers. OTT is a game-changer for the Media & Entertainment industry and any company that doesn’t want to be left out and avoid complications, should keep up with the digital change and adopt this technology.

Here, Cloud technology emerges as a leading solution for companies who want to adopt this change since the cloud easily provides the resources to a company to distribute, manage, protect and monetize all the digital content that they produce.

Benefits of Cloud Computing for Media & Entertainment Industry

The company that adopts cloud technology will have some strategic benefits against their competitors; from increased collaboration to a relative increase in the revenue like Gold Rate are just some of the benefits. M&E companies that have adopted cloud technology or are gearing up for it have a better chance to grow and gain more revenue than their counterparts. Cloud Technology is definitely the future and the companies who will adapt to this will definitely see a huge increase in their growth. Let’s have a look at how Media & Entertainment Industry Can Reap Value from Cloud Adaptation:

Faster Time to Market

Companies who want to adopt cloud technology can get customized cloud hosting plans from media-focused, leading cloud services providers which will help them to deliver their content more quickly than their counterparts, almost in no time as compared to traditional methods.


Over the past few decades, media companies and broadcasters have been under the knife to manage their production costs and delivery of digital content within the same budget limits, which in this age of growing economy is very hard. Besides, the traditional methods with outdated technology are way past their time and it is time for a new technology, which is both robust and economical and here, cloud computing comes into play.

Cloud Computing helps M&E Companies to not only deliver their content much easier without the need of system operators to manage the delivery of content but it also helps them to reduce all of the costs involved in the production & delivery of content to up their quality and revenues.


The scalability that cloud computing provides is just unmatched. Whenever any M&E company needs a large amount of computing and networking resources to handle the surges in workload which can include some shows or live events then cloud computing is there to help. As compared to other technologies, the scalability of cloud computing is simply unmatched and it provides the companies with the ability to quickly scale up or scale down the resources at will. Plus, with cloud computing, geographic constraints aren’t a problem and they are eliminated.

The number of Media & Entertainment Companies that are adopting and welcoming cloud computing is increasing rapidly. Those companies that can adopt early will have an advantage over their competitors and will improve much faster than their counterparts. If any company is sticking with old, traditional methods and is not ready to move on then they should get ready to be on the list of obsolete companies.

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