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Steve Van Dorn, President/CEO Pleasanton Chamber of Commerce

The Pleasanton Chamber of Commerce takes great pride in representing a community that is among the best in the country to live, work and raise a family. And it is our mission to continue advocating for measures and policies that anchor businesses here and catalyzes economic growth because we want to keep our community as vibrant and attractive as ever.

For decades, the technology sector has become an increasingly important component of our economic engine, and it continues to push the Pleasanton and California economy forward, bringing jobs, a strong workforce, capital investments, high wages and more to our area. 

Like much of the Bay Area, the innovation economy is our top industry, and the livelihood of our community relies upon it. It has been disappointing to see technology come under fire by other members of Congress in recent months. As business advocates, we understand the importance of competition and fairness within the free market. However, the six antitrust measures introduced in the House do not fully account for the increased importance of the tech industry and the far-reaching consequences these policies have—on every sector and throughout our economy, driving high-tech companies and jobs out of California and the U.S.

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way we are all doing business, and companies of every size within every industry now rely on technology to reach customers and create efficiencies. And as we look to recover, and while the virus still poses a very real threat, Congress must not look to disrupt the industry that is providing our economy a lifeline. Introducing instability into the marketplace, banning integrated technology tools and moving forward with proposals to break up leading innovators are not the policies that our recovering economy and communities need today.

We are thankful to have Representatives like Eric Swalwell standing in opposition to this misguided package. We can all agree that we have bigger things to focus on than damaging an industry which has delivered critical support, especially throughout a global crisis.

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