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Technology helps landscaping company head off $500,000 theft



“The money saved was only one part of the equation. The most important thing we saved was time,” said Chris Trower, owner of Diamond Landscapes. “Insurance would have protected us from the cost of the vehicles, but if we had to wait for an adjuster to come out, we would have been out of business almost immediately. Our business is essential for our customers, who would have had no choice but to find another landscaping provider. Deploying Verizon Connect Reveal in our fleet was essential in avoiding a disaster for our company.”

Diamond Landscapes has provided commercial landscaping maintenance to central Kentucky for the past 21 years.

As the company expanded its fleet to over 60 vehicles, owner Chris Trower realized the need to implement a fleet management solution and began using Verizon Connect Reveal to better track assets and driver behavior.

“The capabilities and uses of Verizon Connect’s comprehensive fleet management technology are vast. It not only helps the functionality and efficiency of day-to-day operations, but it can also be an essential player in the event of catastrophes like this. When it comes to the potential of fleet management technology the return on investment is truly priceless,” said Kevin Aries, Verizon Connect’s global product success lead.

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