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Tech fans fill seats at baseball stadium despite triple digit temperatures | KLBK | KAMC


LUBBOCK, Texas – Tickets to the Texas Tech versus Stanford baseball game sold out on Friday despite the triple digit temperatures.

Sochima Ifedikwa and his friend Diego Hernandez had never been to a Texas Tech baseball game and were determined to make it out.

“There’s a difference between watching a game on TV and being there,” said Ifedikwa, “I don’t care if it’s 200 degrees or anything, I’m coming out, so yeah.”

Fans decided to take precautions before the big game.

“[We brought] lots of sunscreen and we all have sunglasses, hats, ice [and] lots of drinking water,” said Allison White.

Robert Giovinetti, senior athletics associate director for Texas Tech Athletics, said whenever the temperatures get 80 degrees and above, they set up heat management stations.

“We allow people to bring one 20 oz. unopened bottle into the venue,” said Giovinetti, “Then they can refill it as many times as they want.”

Tech also offers free towels and increase their medical aid when the temperatures get in high heat.

“We have EMS running our heat management station, said Giovinetti, “They’re always really close by inside the actual stadium in case something happens.”

Giovinetti said it’s always best to hydrate before games and to get familiar with the stadium.

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