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Solano County Sheriff Releases Videos Of Traffic Stop That Triggered Federal Lawsuit – CBS San Francisco



DIXON (CBS SF) – The Solano County Sheriff’s Department released body cam and in-car videos early Tuesday of the Aug. 6 traffic stop of Nakia Porter, her father and three children in Dixon which ended in a confrontation with deputies and has triggered a lawsuit filed in Sacramento federal court.

The lawsuit brought by attorney Yasin Almadani accuses the deputies of violating state and federal civil rights statutes by engaging in “unlawful seizure, assault and excessive force.”

The events unfolded as Porter and her 61-year-old father were making the 100-mile drive home to Orangevale, northeast of Sacramento, after a family trip to Oakland.

Her two daughters, ages 3 and 6, and her 4-year-old niece were in the back seat. Porter is a software engineer, and her father, who’s retired, worked in computer networking.

Porter was behind the wheel when they stopped along an empty road in Dixon. The deputies’ squad car pulled up behind them with lights flashing. Porter already was out of the car and explained that they were just switching drivers and would be on their way, according to the court filing.

The deputies said they noticed the car had mismatched license plates – a California plate on the back of the car, and one from Maryland on the front.

Caution. Videos contain language that may be offensive.

During the confrontation, Nakia Porter was knocked unconscious. After being evaluated by paramedics Porter requested
transport to the hospital where she was examined by medical staff and cleared for transport to the jail. She was jailed overnight on suspicion of resisting arrest, but never charged. She said the ordeal was confusing and dehumanizing.

“I was doing my best to do everything right, giving no reason to be treated like this,” said Porter, 33, who is Black, told CBS Sacramento.

Almadani made public edited videos of the arrest at the time the lawsuit was filed.

“We understand the video, as released, has left our community with questions regarding what happened,” the sheriff’s department said in a release. “The Sheriff’s Office is releasing the full-length videos as a vital means of maintaining transparency with the community we serve.”

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