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*** Oracle and one its top resellers find themselves in familiar territory with a solicitation for cloud computing services that effectively excludes them from bidding. Washington Technology reports that Immigration and Customs Enforcement has released a solicitation for a blanket purchase agreement requiring vendors to offer Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure or Google Cloud in order to bid.

*** Sen. Mark Warner (D-Va.), the chairman of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, said on Meet the Press on June 6 that in addition to favoring mandatory reporting requirements for cyberattack victims and advocating for international norms so that states don’t shield cyber threat actors, he would like to see legislation making it mandatory for companies to report ransom payments made to free systems from ransomware.

“We need more transparency. Because right now what’s happening around ransomware, not only are the companies often not reporting that they are attacked, but they’re not reporting the ransomware payments,” Warner said.

Posted on Jun 07, 2021 at 2:03 AM

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