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PVH finds perfect fit in hybrid IT operating model amid pandemic



As COVID-19 shuttered stores worldwide in 2020, apparel retailer PVH knew it had to act quickly to stem lost sales. The company tackled the challenge by bolstering its digital presence, using software to move inventory idling in North American retail stores and warehouses, en route to boosting holiday ecommerce sales.

While many retailers curbed spending, PVH increased investment in technology to grow its digital channels and prioritized essential projects, including enabling consumers to buy merchandise online and have it shipped to them from stores and making its website more friendly for mobile shopping, according to Bob Bolger, general vice president of PVH’s Americas technology and process group (TPG).

“COVID showed everybody how quickly you can get things done when you don’t focus on boiling the ocean,” says Bolger, who compared the impact of the outbreak on the retail sector “to waking up in the fourth quarter of an American football game behind by three scores.” To wit, PVH zeroed in on anything to do with ecommerce to satisfy the consumer. 

It’s a familiar theme playing out across several sectors, with 305 CEOs surveyed for Gartner’s 2021 CEO Survey citing digitalization (18%) and ecommerce (16%) as their top business priorities for the year. For its part, PVH doubled down on ensuring that consumers could purchase its goods online from any connected device and receive them quickly, an initiative which garnered PVH a US CIO 100 award.

Betting on a new order and delivery paradigm

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