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People in Galle faces Vaccine dilemma


The public remain astonished as to how the health officials in Galle gave the much-demanded AstraZeneca vaccine to the people who came from Colombo while the masses in Galle waited in long queues.


It was observed on Monday that a large number of people who came from Colombo were being inoculated with the 2nd dose of the AstraZeneca vaccine which is not available in most areas of the country.


Residents of Galle lamented that people who came from outside _ mostly from Colombo_ were given the AstraZeneca vaccine while the masses of Galle were lef helpless.


Responding to the allegation, Galle district Health Director Priyantha Jeewarathna said “these vaccines were given to be inoculated to the people of Sri Lanka. So we give the vaccine to anyone who has got the 1st shot from anywhere. We give the vaccine to anyone who has the card that confirms that he has got the first shot.”


“In most areas of the country, this vaccine is not available, But we have it because we successfully managed it.”


This incident displayed again that doctors and those engaged in the health sector “super breed.”


(source Lankadeepa)

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