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Over 300 Ralph Engelstad Arena employees affected by cybersecurity breach, FBI finds


GRAND FORKS — An FBI investigation found over 300 current and former Ralph Engelstad Arena employees were victims of a cyberattack last December.

Jody Hodgson, the general manager of the REA, said in a statement sent to employees the attack came from outside the country, and hackers were able to access payroll files of some employees.

However, they weren’t able to find any payment or credit card information of those employees, nor customer information, according to Hodgson.

He said it’s unclear if any of the information hackers could access was viewed or used in any way.

Since December’s incident, Hodgson said, the arena has taken steps to prevent a data breach from happening again, including sending out letters to affected employees that detail how to protect personal information.

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The FBI is still investigating the hack.

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