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New York City Cybersecurity Center Opening Info



In response to the growing amount of cyberattacks recently, New York City is now opening the nation’s first cybersecurity defense center.

Located in lower Manhattan, the new office brings together a whole group of talents both from private businesses and government agencies, including those from the NYPD, Amazon, the Federal Reserve Bank, IBM, and even healthcare systems across the city. The project has existed for two years prior, but has always been carried out virtually until now.

Discussions of forming the group first began back in 2017 when local leaders and law enforcement discussed how to fight off a terrorist attack that targetted the city’s water supply. As cyberattacks increased over the years, the NPYD, district attorney, New York City Cyber Command and Global Cyber Alliance decided it was time to launch the New York City Cyber Critical Services and Infrastructure project in 2019.

“Cities increasingly depend on cyber,” Global Cyber Alliance president and CEO Philip Reitinger reminds. “Everything is connected.”

In other tech-related news, Joe Biden’s latest executive order will make repairing your own tech devices more accessible.

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