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New technology allows Mid-America Transplant to monitor organs in transit



ST. LOUIS– New technology is allowing a local company to more closely monitor transplant organs while in transit. Mid-America Transplant is partnering with MediGo to make it possible.

MediGo’s technology is addressing challenges faced during the time-sensitive transportation of organs to surgeons despite their locations.

“Time is of the essence in organ donation. We often have just hours from the time of donation until the organ needs to be transplanted, and that may include traveling hundreds of miles to reach the recipient,” said Dr. Jason Wellen, a transplant surgeon from Barnes Jewish Hospital in St. Louis in a press release. “With MediGO’s technology, all of us involved will be able to see where the organ is and its condition in real-time, so we can be fully prepared as soon as it arrives at our hospital.”

Previously, approximately 20% of Mid-America Transplant’s organs traveled outside its service territory. Today, that number is closer to 70%, due largely to regulatory changes to how kidneys and livers are allocated nationally.

As more organs travel farther, the level of control and transparency MediGO provides through the transportation process will be more critical than ever before.

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