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MVP discussions to turn into programs and new technology in Macon-Bibb – 41NBC News



Bibb County has been hosting Violence Prevention discussion forums since June to collect data on violence in the community.

Third MVP Community ForumMVP

MACON, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT)– As county leaders try to learn how they can suppress violence in Macon-Bibb, violent events continue.

“Unfortunately, you hate to say it but it’s not surprising,” said Commissioner Raymond Wilder. “These young teens have minor conflicts and they end up turning to guns.”

According to Bibb crime reports, the county has seen six homicides since starting the Macon Violence Prevention program.

Some shootings or acts of violence have even happened while the MVP discussion forums are being held.

Mayor Lester Miller says this is a research period and the real work will begin soon.

“We can’t go into these neighborhoods and tell them what’s best for them,” Miller explained. “We want to hear real solutions from them and that’s what we’re working on. In the next probably 30 days we’ll start working on our strategic plan. We’ll have a third party come in and facilitate that and then we’ll release the plan for everyone to see.”

District 3 Commissioner, Elaine Lucas, says she understands talking doesn’t always solve issues, however, she says this is only the beginning.

“We’re not going to get anything done by just talking and I think what people are committed to using the resources we have, financial, personnel, that have experience in mental health issues and how you reduce violence,” Lucas stated.

The discussions are being used to collect data about how violence impacts communities throughout Macon-Bibb. Once the discussion forums are finished Mayor Miller says his administration can use the numbers to further determine their plan of action. For right now, county administrators are already having meetings about new technology to introduce to help reduce violence and police response times.

“We met with ‘Shot Spotter’s which is one of the technologies we’re thinking about bringing in. We had a demo for our entire team of about 31 people and we had a chance to view the demo, ask questions, and get all the data we’ve collected for the Macon-Bibb county so we can map out the areas that they think would be the best use for Macon to detect gunfire.”

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