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More desi women opt for STEM this year: Study | Bengaluru News


BENGALURU: Share of STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) course enrollments by women in India has gone up in the pandemic environment to 33% in 2020, from 22% the year before, a report by online education provider Coursera shows.
The latest study shows that Indians are relatively more adept at cloud computing, with 83% proficiency, but it is behind in overall technology skills with a rank of 67 out of 100 countries studied. India, with a 10.6-million-user base, is one of the biggest markets for Coursera.

The top skills people are looking to arm themselves with are C programming and web development in technology, and Python programming and statistical machine learning in data science.
Coursera collates the actual skill levels from its ecosystem of 77 million learners, 4,000 campuses, 2,000 businesses and 300 governments. It drew on performance data since the pandemic’s onset to benchmark skills proficiency across the100 countries.
Indians need to improve data analysis skills
Coursera assigned ranks on three parameters: Skills in business, technology and data science. India scored low in all the three broad parameters compared to Asian peers like Hong Kong, Japan and Singapore, though it stood out in some sub-areas. Skills in business include strategy & operations and digital marketing, those in technology include cloud computing and computer networking, and those in data science include data analysis and data management.
Coursera’s report suggests Indians have just 52% proficiency in machine learning and 54% in mathematical skills. There is huge room for improvement in two skills for digital transformation — data analysis and statistical programming, where the country’s skills proficiency stands at 25% and 15% respectively.

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