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Micron’s Raj Hazra: How Data Infrastructure is Evolving



I spoke with Micron SVP Raj Hazra about how data infrastructure is evolving to meet today’s growing demands. Our conversation included:

  • What are some infrastructure changes that will make converting data to insights a more efficient process?
  • Why do you think that the amount of data being tapped for insight is so low; what are some of the challenges that enterprises face in optimizing data?
  • How will the greater availability of insights transform business outcomes?
  • How do you see data infrastructure evolving to meet the growing amounts of data?

Listen to the podcast:

Watch the video:

An industry leader discusses how the explosive growth in data and AI is driving equally fast growth in memory and compute capacity.

→ Chapters

  • 0:00 Introduction
  • 1:19 Infrastructure changes to make the most of data
  • 3:07 AI tuned infrastructure
  • 6:37 Why are companies mining a small amount of their data?
  • 10:55 What are some challenges with AI?
  • 13:49 What some business outcomes from AI?
  • 19:16 Wrap up


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