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Leveling up your IT talent strategy



Fueled by a spirit of renewed optimism, CEOs are setting big, bold agendas for innovation and growth that will depend on sustaining the momentum of their digital transformations. And they’re looking to CIOs to build the future-ready workforce necessary to capitalize on these opportunities and drive the business forward.

In a tight labor market, with jobs being redefined and new skills in high demand, you won’t be able to hire your way out of this entirely. You’ll have to cultivate the talent on your team, reskilling and upskilling to meet tomorrow’s challenges. And of course, none of this is for the faint of heart. It takes exceptional leaders to not only attract, engage, and retain talent but also give the business an advantage. 

Here, three CIOs who are laser-focused on leveling up their workforce strategies to meet the moment offer some practical guidance for all of us as we rethink the future of work.

A workforce in flux

It’s not enough that CIOs have ambitious goals and multiple transformation opportunities in front of them. Many are also still navigating a hybrid work environment, with some employees going back into the office at least part time while others remain remote.

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