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Letter: Fears are justified over heavy crime fighting technology | Letters to the editor


Regarding the editorial “Overblown fears of a ‘Brave New World’” (June 29): In my opinion, the Editorial Board has no basis for the assertion that these fears are, in fact, overblown. I say this because no one yet has been able to predict the long-term impacts of new technology on society when first released. No one predicted the breeding ground for extremism that YouTube ultimately became.

With the rollout of 5G and with artificial intelligence technology being able to analyze data (like faces) nearly instantaneously, we don’t need what the editorial referred to as “secret armies” of backroom government contractors to make this privacy invasion nightmare a reality.

But I believe the Editorial Board isn’t really concerned about privacy. The editorial’s description of some St. Louis neighborhoods as “crime infested” tells you everything you need to know about the board’s views of the neighborhoods that would be most impacted by this new technology. I think Board Bill 31 is a great step in protecting communities most impacted by over-policing.

Alexis Gabrielson • Columbia, Mo.

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