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In Greece, sampling the beaches and taverns of Paros on a solo driving tour



After an hour of wandering, I decided to call it a day. Unfortunately, what Google Maps thought was the way to exit Lefkes and what was actually the way to exit Lefkes did not align. At one point, I ended up driving the wrong way on a one-way street at the top of a very steep, crumbling, cobblestone hill. Unable to make the narrow right turn I supposedly needed to make — for fear of crashing into a car coming from the other way — I backed up, which was a feat for a city girl more accustomed to swiping Metro cards than filling gas tanks. After another 20 minutes of white-knuckle navigating, I finally made it out, passing what appeared to be the actual town center on the way; I was thankful to be dining at the hotel’s Mr. E restaurant that evening where I could walk, not drive, back to my room.

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