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IBM’s Daniel Hernandez on AI and Data Fabric



I spoke with Daniel Hernandez, General Manager, Data and AI at IBM, about how data fabric enables a cohesive data strategy to better enable artificial intelligence.

  • Artificial intelligence offers enormous competitive advantage, yet many companies struggle with deploying it. Why it is so hard for companies?
  • If I company wants to get started with AI, what’s the first step?
  • Where do companies source AI from? It’s too expensive to build in-house. How complicated is it to incorporate AI from a third party vendor?
  • What are some typical enterprise problems you’ve solved with AI? Can you talk about the logistics of these use cases? Meaning, how did these companies incorporate AI from an external vendor into their own infrastructure?
  • Data Fabric: What are some newer approaches or innovations that companies need to consider if they are looking to gain trusted AI outcomes?”

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