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Honeywell tech chief drives the digital agenda



The COVID-19 pandemic forced many IT leaders to reprioritize initiatives in service of better business resiliency. Sheila Jordan didn’t have that luxury when she joined Honeywell as chief digital technology officer in January 2020.

Fifty-nine days into her tenure, Jordan found herself scrambling to redesign the $40 billion industrial firm’s network infrastructure in eight days, distribute laptops for 110,000 employees located across 83 countries, and ensure that vendors and suppliers could meet every business line’s needs.

As if that wasn’t enough to occupy Jordan’s time, she had to execute one of her other chief remits: Bolstering an IT staff rendered thin after several years of outsourcing, with nearly 70% of the tech team hailing from third-party consultants and vendors. And she had to do this amid an outbreak that crippled travel and forced wholesale changes to interviewing and onboarding.

Flipping from an outsourcing to insourcing model

To be sure, Jordan’s challenges echo many of her peers grappling with coronavirus disruption, as many tech chiefs raced to shore up operations. But few had to do so while learning a new corporate culture and minting a new IT staff in a tight talent market.

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