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Greenwire Taps ZCorum’s TruVizion to Manage DOCSIS Networks



ZCorum recently announced that it is now providing Greenwire Technology Solutions with TruVizion, ZCorum’s cross platform monitoring and diagnostic tool. 

Based in Florida, Greenwire Technology Services include Network Management, Wire-less Networks and Home Automation. TruVizion now allows Greenwire to monitor their DOCSIS network from within a single, web-based application. TruVizion integrates customer data, network metrics and other key details to give customer service person-nel and network engineers the information they need to resolve customer issues and network outages more quickly. 

The tool’s dashboard provides operators with real-time status of their network and CPE devices, as well as maps, charts, reports, and other data useful for troubleshooting broadband issues. Greenwire also has access to TruVizion’s spectrum module, which captures and displays in real time the downstream spec-trum from devices in the home.

About GreenwireBased in Ft Myers, Florida since 2008, Greenwire Technology Services include Network Management, Wire-less Networks and Home Automation. They provide commercial and residential WiFi, VoIP services, audio and video solutions, home automation and managed IT services to communities in the southern part of the state.

Alex Rivera, Sales Director for ZCorum
ZCorum’s diagnostics tools provide detailed, real-time and historical information on the status of the network and the devices connected to it. With that information available anywhere, anytime, Green-wire can now have a more efficient operation and troubleshoot subscriber issues more effectively.

Julie Compann, ZCorum President and CEO
At ZCorum our goal is to always enable a better broadband experience by offering compelling solutions for cost savings and operational efficiency. We’re so pleased that Greenwire Technology Solutions has chosen us as their DOCSIS diagnostics provider. We welcome them into our ZCorum family.

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