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Equinix’s Karl Strohmeyer on Data Centers, Cloud, and Evolving Infrastructure


In a wide ranging conversation, Karl Strohmeyer, Chief Customer and Revenue Officer for Equinix, spoke about the rapidly evolving IT infrastructure market. Among the topics we covered:

1) Let’s talk about the data center market – Equinix is the world’s largest data center company. Companies are moving away from their in-house facilities in favor of the cloud. Where is that transition currently?

2) How does Equinix interoperate with cloud providers like AWS and Azure? How does Equinix fit into the multicloud world?

3) Equinix just announced a $3.9B deal to increase global connectivity for cloud providers like AWS, Google Cloud and Azure; additionally, it announced an industry first – to set carbon-neutral science based global targets for emissions reduction across its global operations and supply chain by 2030. What are the details?

4) What about edge computing and cloud? How do you see that relationship evolving?

5) The future of the data center in 2025? What do you forecast?

Listen to the podcast:

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James Maguire

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