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Equinix and Dell Technologies Will Partner on Data Storage Services



Dell Technologies has expanded its collaboration with global digital infrastructure company Equinix.

Under that partnership, the two companies will broaden the availability of Dell Technologies APEX via Equinix International Business Exchange data centres.

With Dell-managed infrastructure and Platform Equinix, organisations can meet unpredictable IT and storage requirements more efficiently when subscribing to APEX Data Storage Services at an Equinix location.

With APEX Data Storage Services and Equinix, businesses can now get the simplicity of a public cloud experience while still maintaining control over their data. Businesses will have access to near-infinite scaling of storage resources in Equinix data centres. Dell Technologies will manage the infrastructure in an Equinix data centre of a customer’s choice across the globe, in a hybrid cloud or on premises.

“Given the immense and growing amount of data created every day, companies want to work with trusted partners to coordinate infrastructure and management with business requirements,” said Jeff Boudreau, president and general manager, Infrastructure Solutions Group, Dell Technologies.

“By expanding our longstanding relationship with Equinix, we can deliver a secure, on-demand hybrid cloud solution that emphasises efficiency, is consistent everywhere, and helps customers turn data into a valuable decision-making tool.”

Through the combination of Dell’s infrastructure leadership and Equinix’s large global footprint customers benefit from a hybrid cloud environment with the ability to shift to an OpEx budget model. Customers pay for what they use, with a single-rate and no overage fees, and will know how much IT is used each month. Companies can order nearly any capacity of block and file storage at a variety of performance levels, simplifying how they consume storage infrastructure.

“As companies continue to create more data, they want the ability to store and manage that data when and where they need it. Whether their data lives within a data centre, at the edge or across public and private clouds, customers want more choice and greater flexibility in managing their hybrid IT infrastructure,” said Eric Schwartz, chief strategy and development officer, Equinix.

“By collaborating with Equinix, Dell Technologies can provide APEX Data Storage Services to support these customers’ hybrid multi-cloud requirements on a global scale.”

Customers can configure, order, monitor and make changes to their APEX services from the APEX Console. Customers will be able to use the Console to provision APEX services at select Equinix locations.


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