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Emerging Cloud Vendors To Know In 2021



The New Generation Of Cloud Companies

Public clouds and private clouds, hybrid cloud systems and multi-cloud systems, and Saas, PaaS and IaaS. While some pundits once touted cloud computing as a way to simplify life for IT managers, the reality is that with applications and data increasingly sprawled across cloud and on-premises environments, IT complexity has increased compared with the days when everything was running in the basement data center.

That means businesses and organizations today need a new generation of IT for managing cloud infrastructure and software, developing and deploying cloud applications, and managing data that’s dispersed across multi-cloud/hybrid cloud environments.

While IT managers often look to cloud giants like Amazon Web Services and VMware for the tools they need to manage cloud systems, some of the most innovative cloud technologies are being developed by a new generation of startups. As part of CRN’s Emerging Vendors for 2021, here are 21 hot cloud startups, founded in 2015 or later, that solution providers should be aware of.



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