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Editorial: Flynn’s comment about Myanmar was crazy. The GOP’s silence is dangerous. | Editorial


That’s a difficult lunacy standard to exceed, but Flynn managed it. Speaking at a Dallas event with believers of the unhinged QAnon conspiracy theory — on Memorial Day, of all days — Flynn was asked “why what happened in [Myanmar] can’t happen here.”

“No reason,” Flynn responded, to cheers from the crowd. “I mean, it should happen here.”

When outrage and talk of a court martial arose, Flynn, true to the Trumpian ethos, pathetically lied, claiming he meant to say, There’s no reason it should happen here. No honest review of the video by any native English speaker could possibly support that claim.

Flynn was calling for a military coup in the United States of the kind that removed Myanmar’s democratically elected government in February. The Myanmar military’s stated excuse for taking over was in response to allegations that the country’s November election was rife with fraud. The continuing false claims by Trump and his supporters of fraud in America’s presidential election last year is why the Myanmar coup has become something of a rallying point for the QAnon crowd.

Comments like Flynn’s give oxygen to extremist elements like those who attacked the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6. That’s why it’s important that elected leaders forcefully denounce such comments — especially Republicans, since this flotsam is mostly in service to Trump’s continuing lies.

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