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Decentralized Cloud Computing Network Partners With ClimateTrade To Create ‘One Of The Greenest Layer One Blockchains’



What Happened: Decentralized cloud computing network Cudos (CRYPTO: CUDOS) has partnered with blockchain carbon credits company ClimateTrade to create “one of the greenest layer one blockchains.”

According to a press release shared with Benzinga, the two entities joined forces to combat the negative impact of climate change by creating scalable cloud computing services within the Cudo ecosystem through its Proof-of-Stake blockchain. 

The network will also bridge to other blockchains, in line with its development roadmap for 2021 and 2022, providing developers within the other blockchain ecosystems with access to green cloud computing power.

“We want to empower decentralized infrastructure in the new digital economy, and our job is to support the development and growth of its operations in a sustainable way,” said CEO of ClimateTrade Francisco Benedito.

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ClimateTrade, a fintech company based in Spain, recently launched a digital solution that will promote the acquisition of carbon-neutral products and services by customers and suppliers of different companies.

Meanwhile, the Cudo ecosystem has over 60,000 globally distributed nodes that use unutilized cloud servers, PC environments, and renewable energy-powered mining farms.

“Building a sustainable computing model sits at the very core of our company’s values. Choosing the right partner to help us offset our network’s carbon footprint warranted deep research and consideration,” explained Matt Hawkins, the CEO and founder of Cudo.

Price Action: At the time of writing, CUDO was trading at $0.02177 down 2.40% over the past 24-hours.

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