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Cramer’s lightning round: Cybersecurity plays



FireEye: “We want CrowdStrike, we want Zscaler or we want Palo Alto Networks. Those are our plays, and then when Deep Instinct comes we will recommend that too. I do like Sentinel, but I haven’t done enough work on it.”

OncoCyte: “I like diagnostics, I like anti-cancer, I’m going to bless it as a speculation.”

Monday.Com: “That’s a hard stock. MNDY is a very hard stock … I’ve got to do more work.”

High Tide: “Too many of them. I like GrowGeneration.”

DermTech: “Anything that can have early detection of skin cancer is worth speculating on.”

3D Systems: “We’re going with something much more conservative with that. New investor, we’re going to actually hit on UnitedHealth.”

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