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Big upgrades planned for the Post Office in South Africa – including online car licences, passports and IDs


The South Africa Post Office (SAPO) aims to ramp up the government services it offers to customers as part of an ongoing modernisation effort.

In the group’s recently published corporate plan for 2021 – 2024, the SAPO said a particular focus is customer retention.

To this end, dedicated account managers and senior managers have been assigned to existing customers. Account managers are also tasked with cross-selling and up-selling on existing and new products and services to customers.

“In this regard, sales have adopted a revenue share partnership model that does not require the South African Post Office to commit upfront investments.”

In addition, several new products and services will be launched, which will create alternative revenue streams, the SAPO said.

“It is expected that these new products and services will lower the organisation’s reliance on traditional revenue streams.”

Expanded government services 

The corporate plan states that the SAPO plans to expand its government services portfolio to offer a number of new and extended services.

This includes the issuing of identity documents, passports and various government-issued certificates such as birth certificates.

Motor Vehicle Licence (MVL) terminals will also be increased at high-volume branches and in other high potential areas as well, it said.

A digital/online MVL payment system is also being explored for implementation as part of the initiatives to digitize this service.

“In collaboration with government, the South African Post Office will offer social grants and other payment services, motor vehicle license renewals, and identity card renewal services, amongst others.

“These services position the SA Post Office as the face of government in all communities throughout South Africa,” it said.

Electronic mall 

The SAPO said that its new offering of digital services will create new revenue streams that include digital advertising and digital retailing services.

This will include the launch of an e-commerce digital mall, which is expected to drive parcel volume and revenue growth, it said.

“To this end, the South African Post Office is engaging with several logistics providers and prominent marketplaces to leverage physical infrastructure whilst maintaining seamless integration from a customer experience perspective.”

More financial options 

The SAPO also aims to expand its financial services offering, and the group said its in-store bill payments channel will be augmented with an online bill Payment system

This will include various value-added services such as SMS notification, it said.

“Currently, the SA Post Office have a payments capability almost equivalent to the National Payment System at a technical level – however, this network will be implemented as part of the broader infrastructure as a service program.

“Also planned is adding new products to the financial product portfolio, such as medical insurance, general insurance and cashless solutions.”

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