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Arnold Schwarzenegger Gives Advice on Coping With Fear of Failure


Since launching his newsletter earlier this year, Arnold Schwarzenegger has been sharing insights and advice from his own life, encompassing everything from his workouts to avoiding FOMO to his philosophy regarding death. He also answers questions from fans, and in the latest issue, he responds to an email which ends up further illustrating his worldview.

The email came from a woman in Italy who expressed her desire to move to the United States and become more independent and confident, but was afraid that she would fail. Schwarzenegger offers up his thoughts on fear of failure, and how he has managed it in his own experiences.

“I think a lot of people get hung up on a fear of failure because they think about how the people around them will judge them,” he wrote. “But if failure just means you’ll be back where you are right now, what’s the fear? You are living your life right now, it can’t be that scary – unless you’re in an abusive situation, where this advice doesn’t apply.”

“I use this mindset a lot,” he continued. “My agents will call about a movie and say ‘Hey, we don’t know if this deal will come together, the studio is being a real pain in the ass, this is a disaster.’ My response is ‘It isn’t a disaster, I haven’t made this movie yet, and my life is good, so what’s the problem?’ If I don’t make this movie, the worst thing that can happen to me is that I’ll just be where I am today.’ When I think of failure, I try to ignore what other people will think and only focus on what I can control.”

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