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Advances in technology have led SanJac to offer a degree in cloud computing.



San Jacinto College continues to adapt to new technologies with the introduction of a new cloud computing bachelor’s degree program to train students for a profitable career.

This course will be available at the new Engineering Technology Center. South Campus, 13735 Beamer Road, Houston wants to expand the marketability of its students in the ever-growing technology sector.

There are plans to expand the course to include the Central and North campuses of San Jacinto College.

Cloud computing enables the storage, management, and processing of data through remote servers on the Internet rather than on local or physical computers.

This is an infrastructure that has evolved over the last few years, which has gradually changed the way businesses use internal systems.

“What we’re doing is helping students, practitioners, and technicians support these companies, which is a bit different if you’re running your network through a cloud provider, and how it works. Because we need to understand, ”says Kevin Morris. , Dean of Business and Technology, South Campus.

where: San Jacinto College South Campus,13735 Beamer Rd, Houston, Texas


South Campus Phone: 281-929-4603

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“Most people are familiar with the physical assets companies bring in to build internal networks using physical tools such as hard drives, storage devices, and servers, so (information technology employees) network. You can do it, “says Morris.

According to Morris, technology became essential during the pandemic as companies were developing ways to stay connected to their employees and external resources.

“There are so many employees working from home that it can be difficult to get in when trying to access a VPN or network in your company,” he says.

This course is available to part-time and full-time students, who can enroll directly from high school and the non-technical industry. Classes are offered in several ways, including face-to-face, online, or a hybrid of the two. The program also provides people already in the field of information technology with the opportunity to gain experience in this area.

According to Morris, cloud technology that works with tools such as working from home has been developed for several years, but the pandemic has made it more urgent.

“In the last few years we’ve seen that networks work very well when people are in physical locations, but what if people need to access (remotely)? Is that another challenge, “he said.

According to Morris, cloud service providers allow enterprises to move away from their internal infrastructure and move to house systems in a cloud environment.

“Once the data is migrated to the cloud system, we have access to everything,” Morris said. “Not only does this eliminate the need to spend money on capital equipment, but it also gives employees access to materials, such as software data and storage, from home, office, or anywhere in the world.”

Enterprises are increasingly dependent on cloud services such as Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, Google, and IBM Oracle, giving employees access to a variety of resources, data storage, email, and other applications.

The program is part of San Jacinto’s goal of staying at the forefront of the changing work environment and employment market, part of which is to prepare students to adapt to changing technical situations. Morris said. To respond to these changes, schools meet regularly with local industry partners to seek feedback.

“Computer technology is changing very rapidly. We need to be agile in our programs and curriculums and ask where our industry partners are needed and where we are finding employment gaps. We’re trying to fill the gap and help. Employers, “Morris said. “We are trying to meet that challenge.”

Current average annual salary for Microsoft Azure developers in the United States. Is $ 118,782, which is about $ 57.11 per hour. For Azure engineers, salaries are $ 135,000 per year and entry-level positions start at $ 87,750 per year.

“Our vision is to provide more opportunities and improve the standard of living of all members of our community,” Morris said.

For more information on cloud computing programs, please visit: Or call 281-929-4603.

Advances in technology have led SanJac to offer a degree in cloud computing.

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