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6 tips for ensuring IT manager success



A CIO’s success (and long-term employment prospects) largely hinges on how well individual department managers do their jobs. Since performance can’t be accurately measured by gut feelings or managers’ assurances, it’s important to use metrics and related indicators to quantify department leaders’ short- and long-term effectiveness.

Is your management team doing all it can to deliver the performance levels you anticipated when you appointed them? The following six tools and approaches will help you find out.

1. Take a 360-degree view

Managers supervising departments play several roles, observes Tim Skelly, senior manager of the IT advisory practices at consulting firm EY. Among other tasks, department heads, he notes, set their teams’ day-to-day direction, help their staff understand how their assignments are helping the enterprise reach its business goals, and act as mentors. “Keeping these different roles in mind, CIOs should look to various factors when measuring the success, or failure, of IT department managers,” Skelly advises.

Skelly notes that it can be challenging for a CIO to find a specific metric that will reveal how well a particular IT manager is performing. “For instance, they could be very effective at delivering work on time and on budget, yet team morale isn’t good,” he explains.

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