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6 IT management traps to avoid



IT leadership is challenging work. In addition to devising technology strategies that create maximum business value on a budget, you have to establish and motivate a highly productive team capable of tackling a wide range of technical issues while executing your vision for IT.

At times the overwhelming nature of this work can lead even the best IT leaders to succumb to habits and management philosophies that on the surface appear to address a pressing need at hand but ultimately do your department more harm than good.

The following six common approaches to addressing IT management issues are exactly the kinds of traps you want to avoid falling prey to in leading your teams.

1. Gatekeeping

As the noted 20th century management scholar Kurt Lewin observed, gatekeepers make the final decision on who is “in or out.” By steadfastly protecting “Fortress IT” from unwelcome enterprise intruders, this type of leader sees the capabilities unlocked by their department as the key to innovation and success, observes Brian Jackson, a research director and analyst at IT research firm Info-Tech Research Group.

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