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2021 Cloud Forecast For Teleport Operators – SatNews


A 2018 study by IDG based on a survey of IT executives in developed nations showed just how far adoption of cloud computing had come: 77% of enterprises had at least a portion of their computing infra-structure in the cloud.

Respondents expected to spend an average of $46.4 million on cloud applications, platforms and services that year, with 30% of all IT budgets allocated to the cloud. By 2020, IDG found that 92% of enterprises had put at least a portion of their computing into the cloud, average annual investment had nearly doubled to $74 million and almost half the applications they were running were purpose-built for the cloud environment.

In 2018, World Teleport Association first reported on how teleport and satellite operators were integrating the cloud into their operations and client solutions. In 2021, WTA takes a fresh look at how teleport operators are letting cloud services transform their operations, the markets where they are finding cloud service growth and the requirements for success in a cloud-dominated environment.

WTA’s 2021 Cloud Forecast for Teleport Operators will be released shortly. This analysis and report is free for WTA Members and available for purchase by non-members of the assocation.

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